I am a printmaker and visual artist working in a wide range of fields. My techniques include printmaking, sculpture, drawing and painting.


In my art, I explore life through a personal, intuitive and psychological perspective. My works also have a strong subconscious dimension. I let myself be guided by intuition in my work. Traditionality and technical skill are important to me. In contrast, I look for the limits and convergences of techniques, free, powerful expression.


My techniques are printmaking, ceramics, drawing and painting. I also build installations that consist of two- and three-dimensional parts. The serial themes of my works are intertwined into a unified world, the story of my art.


I live and work in Tohmajärvi in ​​North Karelia. I have been working as visual artist since 2006, and have held extensive exhibitions in Finland and abroad. My art has been exhibited e.g. In Germany, Denmark, Holland and Estonia. In 2007, I won the first prize at the 4th Nordic Print Triennale in Holbaek, Denmark.


In addition to my work as a visual artist, I also work as an illustrator and graphic artist as well as an art teacher. I also work in various art organization positions. You can see my works in an exhibition next time in June 2024 at my solo exhibition at Galleria Joella in Turku.








PIIR / RAJA is a musical piece that unites professional artists from two countries. I have designed the visual appearance and illustration of the work. Read more



My work Past childhood home on the cover of the Eastern Finnish Kulttuurilehti Iäni 3/2023.