RAJA / PIIR is a piece of music that deals with crossing borders on an individual level, socially and through the borders drawn by history. RAJA / PIIR are stories about the challenges of being at the border, the fears and the courage needed to cross the border. RAJA / PIIR is a work that will be taken to the border areas of different cultures in the years 2024 – 2026, linking to three different cultural capitals and through them to six different countries. In the project, professional artists from two countries have to cross their own, familiar and safe borders - and as a result, they get more than they give. So will the audience of the work. RAJA is built by: Olli Kortekangas, composer / Elo Viiding, writer / Tiit Peterson, guitar / Neeme Punder, flute / Ville Rusanen, vocals. I myself have realized the visual layout and illustration of the work. The first performance of the work will be heard in Valga-Valka on the border of Estonia and Latvia on May 7, 2024.