Design Musta Kissa

Visual Artist, Printmaker, Illustrator and Designer




Kaisa Jussila is a Printmaker, Fine Artist and Designer. She graduated as MFA year 2006 from Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts and as a Designer from Karelia University of Applied Sciences year 2014.


In her art she works with various techniques: graphics, sculpture, drawing and painting, writing and comics. Strong intuition is a leader in her art, and topics are from daily life and nature to deep unconscious.  Imagination, fairytales and mysticism are combined.


As a designer she works mostly with book and magazine layouts, illustrations, logos and infographics.


Here´s how Kaisa tells us about her way of working:


"Making art and pictures is a calling for me. As a child my biggest hope was to be an artist. I always used to draw, everywhere. Drawing is still  one of my starting points. I search for a line from a form and a form from a line.


I´ve always been interested in design, illustrations and typography. Especially I´m fascinated in books, packing, magazines, the style and composition. Illustration ihas a straight lead to the viewer, and with pictures you can tell stories.  Working as a designer gives me more tools to act widely in the fiels of art and visual  communication.