Kaisa Jussila (b. 1979 in Vantaa, Finland) is a finnish Printmaker and Fine Artist. She graduated Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. Since then she has participated widely exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Year 2007 she won the First Prize of Nordic Graphic Triennale in Denmark.
Latest solo exhibitions are Joensuu City Theatre (2022), Galerie Pleiku, Berlin (2021), Gallery Huuto, Helsinki (2021, 2008), Grafoteekki, Helsinki (2019), Taidekeskus Ahjo, Joensuu (2018) and Galleria Ars Nova, Savonlinna (2018).
There has also been many  group exhibition projects: North Karelian Printmaker´s exhibition series Print (Taidekeskus Ahjo, Joensuu 2021, 2019),  Mustan Kissan Museopamaus (2021) and Mustan Kissan Kesäpamaus (2019) in Tohmajärvi. Kaisa was a coordinator in these two summer exhibitions. 
Other remarkable group exhibitions are Pimeä Talo (2017, 2008-2007), Hanasaari Cultural Centre exhibition of finnish and swedish printmakers (2009), Wederzijds-festival (Netherlands 2008) and  4. Nordic Graphic Triennale´s exhibition tour in Denmark (2007-2008).
Jussila has lived in North Karelia, Finland since year 2008. Nature and peace are important for her work as an artist, also as an inspiration. In her home place Tohmajärvi Kaisa has been building the Tohmajärvi Artist Residency together with Tohmajärvi Municipality. She is also a contact and an artist colleague of the residency.
One of her aims as an artist is also teaching, at the moment drawing and printmaking. 
Year 2014 Jussila graduated also as a graphic designer from Karelia University of Applied Sciences. It has been a gate to several illustration and design projects. Near to her heart are also book and magazine layouts, artistic illustration and infographics.