My theme is to investigate the spirit of places and the incidencies stored in them. According to Carl Jung, things happened in history become finally a part of our collective subconscious. I will make 3-5 residency journeys around Europe years 2021-2027.


I preserve the spirit of places and layers of time by drawing, photographing and writing. It will become an exhibition combining printmaking, ceramics and installations. There is also a printed and exhibited artist book.



In september 2021 I worked in Berlin, Galerie pleiku for two weeks. I searched for second worls war time and the traces of Nazis. In my exhibition in Pleiku I made an installation called Eine Kleine Stadt. It was inspired by the guiltiness in history, empty houses and streets. Brick wall pieces from Sachsenhausen, cobblestone from Berlin and a ceramic tile from abandoned house in the suburb became parts of my installation.



In march 2023 I´ll work in Budapest, Valosag-residency. I search for the jewish quarter and it´s forgotten stories.



Artist book is novel like, comis-style artwork that combines intimacy of a diary and little observations of a sketchbook. There are drawings, paintings, poems and photos.

it opens the process of chasing ideas and working in artist residence. Important is also artist´s role as a storyteller and king of a detective. Present and reality are combined with intuity and history facts to a space where is many levels of time. Artist book can be presented as a printed book or pages hanges into an exhibition wall.


City is a ceramic and paper installation, the three dimensional part of my project. It transforms through my residency trips and expresses the spirit of the city. It consists of parts installed in many ways. I utilize the material collected during my trips, architectonal details and objects. City is a setup of a imaginatory town.


My printmaking works are born from the ideas drawn to my sketch books, places I´ve photgraphed and from the feelings. The artworks have a strong psychological and mythical level. They illustrate the story of my art and create their own story with mystic elements, imagination and reality.